Peace in the Park

2016 and 2017 Grantee

Peace in the Park is a free annual festival that promotes peace and wellbeing within the community in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.  With a goal of facilitating positive change on both global and personal levels, Peace in the Park aims to empower youth and the community with tools, tips and scientifically proven techniques to cultivate emotional resilience, manage stress, prioritize self-care, cultivate compassion and live joyfully. 

How the program contributes to peace and social consciousness:

The festival unites world-renowned peace leaders, yogis, wellness scientists, researchers, meditation and mindfulness teachers with celebrated performers and artists.  Experiential and engaging talks, workshops and activities are designed by the experts to all ages and are presented with easy and actionable takeaways on how to live a conscious life. 

With an effort to cultivate peace and wellbeing 365 days of the year, the festival provides access to local organizations, resources, programs, and initiatives that promote peace and wellbeing within the community and online. 

How we collaborated

Jay Chodagam, Founding Chairman of the annual Peace in the Park Festival has attended and participated in many peaceful world conversations.  He co-facilitated a conversation with our 2016 grantee, Sunday Friends on the topic of Mindful Leadership and another conversation on Mindful Travel where he highlighted his lessons learned.

In 2015 and 2016, we collaborated and participated at the Peace in the Park Festival by hosting peaceful world conversations. Jay attended and participated at our 2017 Picnic for Peace in the Presidio where he elaborated on the Peace in the Park mission and endeavors.

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Peace in the Park