Sustainable Solano

2017 Grantee

Sustainable Solano is a grassroots organization uniting people through work that aims to serve the future of Solano County by promoting ecologically regenerative, economically and socially just communities in a world that works for everyone.

How the program contributes to peace and social consciousness:

Their conversation programs empower residents to become collaborators for change as they discuss central issues embarking on creating a community movement for change. Sustainable Solano has grown out of decades of dedicated community work that started with community gardens and has grown to include an emphasis on creating sustainable, regenerative environments and community capacity building by supporting local food systems and building workforce skills for a better future.

How we collaborated

In late 2017, Marlen Otten from Sustainable Solano joined us as a guest speaker alongside Maya Harjo, Food-ways Coordinator from The Cultural Conservancy at our peaceful world conversation, The Joys of Connecting with the Earth.

Marlen also attended our 2017 Picnic in the Presidio where she received a boarder scope of the collaborative work we do with other local organizations in their peace building efforts.

Visit their website :

Sustainable Solano