Art show honors Sami Sunchild and the Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast Peace Center

“Within the cozy North Gallery of the Petaluma Arts Center, where a one-of-kind exhibit currently offers a look at the life and legacy of the visionary artist-activist Sami Sunchild, the small round table with two chairs is much more than what it seems. Its intimate, conversation-enabling arrangement perfectly encapsulates Sunchild’s belief that many solutions to large problems begin with two people sitting down and talking.”


A gift to the world Sami Sunchild and the Red Vic

“On a Sunday morning 9 a.m. arrives followed by guests filing down the stairs and locals rushing through the front doors. The café fills with voices and laughter as conversations spring up at each table. Near the front entrance there is a table reserved—but not for a private party—everyone is welcome and everyone was invited. It is about to begin and a group of seven gathers around with their attention focused on a woman as they anticipate how their breakfast conversation will unfold.”


San Francisco Days – A Travel Essay

“Sami Sunchild seemed discouraged as she looked out the front window of the Red Victorian, her “Living Peace Museum” on upper Haight St. in San Francisco. Bargain-priced T-shirts lined the window sill all of them emblazoned with Sami’s colourful versions of the peace symbol. Behind her posters shouting peace slogans adorned one wall. Outside, a bass fiddle bobbed from side to side accompanying a violin to the beat of a familiar tune.”


Sami Sunchild Memorial

“Sami Sunchild, founder of the Red Victorian, died last Wednesday, July 3rd. They’ll hold a memorial for her at the Red Vic on Sunday the 28th (her birthday) from 2-4pm.”


What’s New At The Red Victorian B&B

“What’s been happening at The Red Victorian B&B  since founder Sami Sunchild passed away last year?  Turns out, a lot.

The new manager of Sunchild’s Peaceful World Foundation and various projects is Heidi Majano. She’s been busy going out into the community and using feedback to come up with new programming for the space that honors the foundation that Sami set up back in 1977.”