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Grantee Spotlight: Aqus Community Foundation feat. John Crowley – May 17th, 2024

John Crowley is Aqus Community Foundation’s Co-Founder & Executive Director as well as a chief social instigator, champion connection-maker, and a regular fixture to the Petaluma community. Their mission is to build social capital by connecting people in meaningful ways.

Aqus creates inspiring gatherings, events, and mixers, bringing people together to find common ground in meaningful conversations and realize a sense of belonging.

Join us for an informative exchange of community-building efforts!

Peaceful World Conversations

“These conversations leave an impact on everyone, I have so many great memories.” -Tamara Gomez, Board Member of PWF

Offering unique opportunities to share and reflect on our life journeys, the Peaceful World Conversations are a time to replenish, recharge and renew. They are also an opportunity to grow in self-knowledge, to ask meaningful questions, and to co-create new possibilities together.

We come together to share our cultures, our stories and our struggles as we deepen our understanding of each other and ourselves. We value ideas on how we contribute to the well-being and the development of ourselves and our communities.

We hope to discover our commonalities and celebrate our differences. Our intention is to build trust and friendship into action in a meaningful way.

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Ingredients of a Good Conversation

“Working with the six ingredients has been an influence in my daily conversations both in person and on the phone.” -Heidi Majano, Executive Director of PWF

Our Founder, Sami Sunchild, traveled extensively in her earlier years and building on her observations during her four decades of travel, she crafted the ‘Six Ingredients to a Good Conversation’ peace card.

Her intention was to absorb the need for humanity to feel connected, valued, and cherished for their contribution to peaceful world conversations.

Art Show

“Sami gave people the opportunity to feel the responsibility for peace on the planet.” -Danielle Barnett, Artist and Yoga Practitioner

Sami was inspired by the global beauty of art. Energized by the many cultural artistic traditions she admired during her travels, she developed and invented her own unique artistic expression.

As a tribute to honor her work, a presentation of the life and times of Sami Sunchild was displayed at the China Brotsky and SEEDs Gallerias at the Tides Thoreau Center located in the Presidio.

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Annual Peace Festival

“The world is beginning to realize that cultivating peace, happiness and positive feelings are possible.” -Marcus Lorenzo Penn, Program Facilitator at PWF

Our Annual Peace Festival was conceived through our collaborative efforts with our 2015-2017 grantee, Peace in the Park. We intend that participation at a Peace Festival will enable us to deepen our capacity to bring meaningful positive change in our communities.

When we co-create, explore tools of self-care, converse and listen with others, we are actively becoming peacemakers. Developing relationships and sharing personal experiences at our Annual Peace Festival is a great way for all of us to be the changes we want to see in the world.

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The Peaceful World Foundation participates in the global peace movement of diverse people coming together who relish meeting, engaging and conversing with one another; keeping mutual respect and active listening as our guiding principles.

We come together to learn from each other about what is working, about what mistakes we have made and to offer each other help while becoming clearer in our vision and purpose in the world.

Other Events

“Our work unites us towards a more peaceful world, a more just world, a more connected world.” -Mazin Jamal, Executive Director of Holistic Underground

In the tradition of our hosted conversations, we also hosted several outdoor events such as a water prayer gathering, celebrating the autumn equinox, and peace picnics to bring people together and engage with our natural environment.

By engaging strangers in conversation, we develop a deeper sense of empathy, connection and understanding. When we openly share our experiences, values and beliefs, we can accept ourselves and others as we are.

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