Julián Antonio Carrillo


Julián Antonio Carrillo, PhD, brings over a decade of experience working with different organizations and diverse populations as an anthropologist, folklorist, and community development consultant. He received his doctoral degree in anthropology with an emphasis on cultural heritage from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Previously he worked as Program Manager at the Alliance for California Traditional Arts in San Francisco, CA.  

A skilled communicator and a recent alumnus of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, his role as the Program Facilitator highlights his strong desire to connect with people of all walks of life in deep, rich, and purposeful conversation. In this endeavor, in addition to his native Spanish, another language has always helped: diplomacy. He has learned that employing it can lead to tactful engagement, fruitful dialogue, and ultimately, transformative collaboration.

Julián facilitates lively discussions around topics that are important in people’s lives, brings a diplomatic approach to the peaceful world conversations, and writes reflective summaries of our shared time together. He is passionate about creating inclusive spaces and working with groups whose voices and arts have not always been valued.