Marcus Lorenzo Penn


Marcus Lorenzo Penn, MD, CYT brings over 14 years of experience working with diverse populations as a holistic health and wellness consultant, coach and facilitator. Dr. Penn received his M.D. degree from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. with postgraduate medical training at Alameda County Medical Center Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA.

Certified in Raja and Hatha yoga from the Niroga Institute in Berkeley, CA and founder of Self Care Reform Wellness, his role as the Program Facilitator highlights his strong desire to engage with people. By listening and sharing information about novel practices that support living a healthier and more peaceful life, Marcus brings a quality of collectiveness to the peaceful world conversations.

In addition to his role at the foundation, he serves on faculty at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA. Marcus facilitates lively discussions around topics which are important in people’s lives, brings a sense of wellbeing into the peaceful world conversations, and writes reflective summaries of our shared time together. He is passionate about providing communities with tools and strategies for self-awareness, personal transformation, stress reduction and lifestyle changes.