Our founder

(1924 – 2013)

Sami Sunchild received her doctorate in Transformational Art and Societal Change from Columbia Pacific University. Making a better world was her life passion. Over many years she led uncounted small group conversations which she designed to bring together different kinds of people from all over the world.

Coming from a privileged and cultured background, Sami began traveling the world in her early twenties. In her well documented archives, Sami carefully observes and takes notes on the differences and similarities in culture and tradition in Latin America, Europe and the South Pacific. In the 1960’s, she deepened and developed her skill as a mindful artist. In the process, she awakened her journey as a visual poet and created a series of Visual Poems related to peace that would go on to inspire many in and after her lifetime.

In 1977, Sami obtained ownership of The Red Victorian on Haight Street in San Francisco. As a result of her laborious eccentric devotion, Sami created The Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast Peace Center, an international peace hub attracting people from around the world to connect over breakfast conversations. For over thirty years, she met and engaged with many travelers. The Red Victorian was the birthplace for the ideas of The Peaceful World Foundation which Sami founded to continue her life’s work of making a more peaceful world.

Building on her acute observations, she developed a unique communication and conversation style. By building awareness through conversation and mindful travel, Sami crafted the “Six Ingredients to a Good Conversation” peace card.

“As part of a movement to restore the lost art of conversation, Peaceful World Conversations bring people together to talk about topics that matter in their own lives and in the world as a whole.”

– Sami Sunchild