Friends of the Urban Forest

2018 and 2019 Grantee

Since 1981, Friends of the Urban Forest has been fulfilling its mission of promoting a larger, healthier urban forest as part of San Francisco’s green infrastructure through community planting, tree care, education and advocacy while creating vocational skills training jobs for underserved youth through their Green Teens Program.

How the program contributes to peace and social consciousness:

Friends of the Urban Forestuses trees and outdoor experiences as alternative methods to manage stress and increase inner awareness. By encouraging ecologically sustainable practices, their participants learn to develop healthier cognitive, emotional, and behavioral engagement with the self and with others.

How we collaborated

In 2019 Roberta Catalinotto, Vice President at Friends of the Urban Forest, attended and participated at our peaceful world lunch conversation event, Celebrating Diversity and Advocacy where she elaborated that their organization ensures that inclusion, diversity and advocacy is at the core of their Green Teens Program.

In 2018 Alex Javier, Education Manager at Friends of the Urban Forest, participated and co-facilitated our peaceful world conversation lunch event at the SF Tides Converge on the theme of Traditions, Transitions and Teen Spirit with our 2018 and 2019 grantee, Outward Bound California.With an interest in our youth taking the lead on several social issues around the country, our conversation went over our allocated two hours.

In 2017, Alex attended his first peaceful world breakfast conversation, The Joys of Connecting with the Earth. The conversation was facilitated by our 2017 grantee, Sustainable Solano and our 2018 grantee, The Cultural Conservancy.

Visit their website:

Friends of the Urban Forest