The Mosaic Project

2018 Grantee:

The Mosaic Project works towards a peaceful future by uniting people of diverse backgrounds, providing them with essential community-building skills, and empowering them to become peacemakers.

How the program contributes to peace and social consciousness:

By using a social-emotional based learning curriculum designed to address issues of difference, self-esteem building and inspire inclusion, their organizational outdoor and in-school projects center around creating more peaceful and inclusive communities.

Their program enables an environment that fosters mutual respect, connection, and a celebration of differences that motivates all members to achieve their highest potential.

How we collaborated

Mark Yanez and Christabel Nunoo of the Mosaic Project co-facilitated our peaceful world lunch conversation event, Celebrating Diversity and Advocacy with our 2018 grantee, Oasis for Girls. The approach to peace is no different from the approach to diversity as it invites us to arrive at both with cultural humility and assertive communication.  

The Peaceful World Foundation attended their 20th Anniversary Celebration in the hills of Oakland, CA.

Visit their website :

The Mosaic Project