Circle of Ancestors

2016 Grantee

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Circle of Ancestors is a small nonprofit organization that has been working with people to connect with ancestral traditions and restoring peace and harmony to their lives by deepening community and environmental bonds.

How the program contributes to peace and social consciousness:

The Peace Circle project serves East Bay community members who have been exposed to high stress factors related to community and domestic violence, working multiple jobs, deportation anxieties, and disruptive changes within the family unit.

Grounded in traditional knowledge, the coping cultural tools aid participants by creating a ceremonial space to help participants find new ways to reduce stress, strengthen community bonds, and experience inner peace.

How we collaborated

In 2017, PWF joined and participated at their Peace Healing Circle Gathering in the hills of Oakland, CA.

In 2016, Marcela Gabin co-facilitated a peaceful world conversation with both Melissa Nelson and Nicola Wagenberg from The Cultural Conservancy on the topic Bringing Peace into our Modern Lives. The highlights of the conversation included, sensing and valuing the importance of having gratitude for the things that give us life.

Marcela Sabin lead a workshop on Traditional Healing Practices at the 2016 Peace in the Park Festival funded by the Peaceful World Foundation. Her colleague Ernesto Olmos participated by offering both an educational and participatory demo on Pre-Columbian musical instruments.

Visit their website :

Circle of Ancestors